SemTech Conference 2010 - all about Semantic Technology

SemTech 2010 Conference is the largest and authoritative conference about the Semantic Technology.

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Semantic Technology is used in many industries today. They are helpful for resolving many problems. It is especially conducted for the professionals of enterprise computing. Apart from computer professionals, it is also useful for a various group of executives, researchers, investors and customers who work in the field of Semantic Technology. The important top technologies and applications are discussed in this conference. It was conducted at the Hilton Union Square situated in San Francisco. It took place from June21 to June 25. This is the sixth year of this conference. This conference was conducted for five days including various events like announcements, panels, launching of innovative products and companies and broad conversations. It provided useful information about the new recent technologies. It helped many people to get in touch with the professionals of their field and developing their business.

The conference was attended by more than 1,000 people. These are the people who are leading in the modern technology and business all over the world. The topics of the conference includes Semantics in Healthcare, Semantics for open government, Semantics in publishing, Semantics in Finance, Semantics in publishing, marketing and advertising, Semantics useful for responding during emergency situations, Semantics for Military, Semantics in Life Sciences etc.

Semantics in Healthcare was supported by the bioinformatics organization. The methods of using Semantic technology for horizon scanning were illustrated by the health service of UK. Discussions were made on how to reduce the fees of healthcare using Semantic technologies. Semantics in Finance included several speakers like David S.Newman, Mike G. Bennett, Fran Clark, Leo Keller etc. The most important topics discussed regarding finance were XBRL and XBRL query, data, introduction of Semantics to the Financial sector etc.

The sponsors of the conference includes ontotext, Oracle, Atigeo, Cambridge Semantics, Franz Inc, revelytix, TopQuadrant, Zepheira, Raytheon, Calais, Clark Parsia, IBM, intellidimension, Orbis, Sandsoft, Semantifi, talis, True Knowledge, ai-one, Collibra, Deri, Evri, Expert system, Iqser, Knowledge based systems, NetKernel, pii2010, triviumrlg, yolink, The information Architecture Institute, OMG, TDAN, W3, Mondeca, profium, and WEB 2.0.

Room facilities were provided for the attendees of the conference at the rate of $179.00. Internet facilities are provided along with this. The media coverage was offered by Facebook, Twitter, USA Today, Forbes, CMS Wire,, Marketwire, Quality Digest, Yahoo News, Taxonomy Blog, Trading Markets, The Top Technologies, VentureBeat, and various others.

Registration facilities are available for the entire event or for only the conference. Other registration options include tutorial day only, Any Single Day, Documentation Only and many others. Group discounts were offered to the members of a single organization registering at the same time. The academic discounts were offered to the full time faculties of approved Universities and colleges.

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